Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We have moved

I've decided not to let you guys off the hook so easily. An audience is needed to savor my blogging just like how some girls attempt to kill guys with their cooking rather then skip straight to dessert in bed. 'Sides, I love my CMD babes and the rest of you guys much. And I love myself even more to give up the Liquid Ecstasy brand. Without further ado, please visit my 2nd virgin blog here. Damn I hate shifting blogs but I love blogwarmings.

Monday, June 18, 2007

It was good to have you here

Heya, you are seeing closure after my virgin blog's short run as my identity (nothing to do with you dear Kelly) has been compromised by myself hahaha.. It wasn't enough time for my writing to mature into something entertaining and insightful, and maybe I'll improve in the future if I decide to start writing again. Anonymity in the blogosphere is my utmost priority as I want somewhere to express myself without compunction.

Au revoir.
Liquid Ecstasy

Sunday, June 17, 2007

HB & Kelly Part 1

Re-edited following a request from my favorite HB. Was too tired to write a proper entry after sleeping late for a week la babe.

HB and Kelly, in real life are 2 very nice (and yummy) bloggers. And they're normal. Coz sometimes, you've anonymous bloggers who write up a storm and draw regular readerships. But in real life they could be psychotic stalkers who would freak even Hannibal out. Now I rarely bother to meet people I get to know online, as most of us barely have enough time to meet up our own close friends on a regular basis. I don't even update this blog regularly myself so there's certainly no worry about my readership. No regrets that night however. When you put nice naughty people together the only resulting equation is a night to remember.

Any worries about having trouble recognising them were unfounded. My first impression upon catching a glimpse of HB and Kelly from behind. A low white top and short black skirt first greeted my view.. which was immediately distracted by legs that seemed to go on forever. The next thought was wondering how her back looked like under that top and whether I would get to see her famous yoga pose that night. As my eyes traveled to the right, an equally short black translucent dress and long wavy hair came into sight. Hello HB & Kellymilkies was my first thought. Unless you're stupid, there's no way you'll miss them. My kudos go out to these 2 ladies who have the confidence to meet up without bringing an entourage of 10 guys along.

There was no need to deal posers or wannabes which will happen if it was a large gathering of unknown people. While some of us are anonymous bloggers, we still appreciate being able to talk and have fun without putting on any pretenses thank you very much. And thank you HB.. my friends are very nice or they wouldn't be there :) I appreciate you coming down if you're reading this too pals, you know who you are. Things were made much more interesting watching somebody flirting with caucasians, despite saying that she can't stand men that old. Hahaha. At least them coming down to meet you was testament to your cuteness babe. If somebody asked me out that far at midnight you'd either have to be dying or have a big bottle of cordon bleu with a bucket of ice waiting for me. At least you got a huge bottle of wine for us to finish. Upped herself to a permanent spot in my handphone when that happened.

As the night flew on, it turns out that Kelly is pretty flexible herself. These 2 girls must be national gymnasts in their previous lives... In the spirit of true journalistic blogging, I bravely stepped forward in order to verify if HB did really go for a brazilian wax. The result? Its true. Now you buggers can't say bloggers would only survive if true print journalists existed to provide news first. And its definitely hazardous to my blood pressure with Kelly raising the temperature as well, so I then did what any normal journalist would do after a successful news scoop. Order another bucket of alcohol.


As hearts awaken
tempered steel beckons
hardened emotions reel to soften
and resistance rises to the occasion

Trees do bend
though straight and tall
so must we
to others call

Which would you choose,
if you had to save your lover or your brother
Giving until you can give no more
and then give again

Expectations weigh upon us all
while passionate hearts beat within
chasing our dreams
striving to meet our responsibilities

No man is an island